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Don’t let Lockdown get you down!

Sadly times have changed with COVID-19 and life isn’t what it used to be! We’re missing out on those day trips out, nights out with our friends and those memories we made with our families.

As we prepare for another national lockdown, we have been busy trying to help keep up people’s spirits!

We are still making our delicious chocolate brownies which as you will know can get sent straight to your friends and family’s doors (or your own!). You can add a little message with the box, so they know your thinking of them and the surprise will get them smiling!

Along with our individual afternoon tea boxes, why not give yourself an afternoon off to enjoy some homemade treats, check out our afternoon tea page on the website and order one today! (Please check available delivery areas).

We have much more on offer from our 12” freshly baked quiches, flavoured

muffins and soon to be Christmas meals, but if there is something in particular you are after, why not drop us a message and find out? :-)

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